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Who we are

In a day and time when everyone has grown accustomed to “instant” everything, it is rare for individuals to simply “wait” upon the Lord.  Yet, South Canonsburg Church seeks to be a community of believers that wait upon the directive of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.  When we claim to be a “Full Gospel” church, we are making a declaration that we both believe the entire or full Word of God - the Bible - and that we seek to give full freedom to the Lord’s working in our individual lives and corporate worship through the praise of the Holy Spirit.

Who We Are

Welcome from the pastors

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you. We invite you come visit us during our time of celebration and worship to the ONE Who deserves that and so much and more!  Whether you are a “first time” guest or a “part” of our growing extended church family, we want you to know that you are so special, both to Him and to us!  We are here to love, nurture and serve the Body of Christ as we endeavor to grow toward becoming more like Him.  You are welcome to let us know how best we can do that.  Every one of us has a purpose in this life and you have been chosen by the Father.  We want to see you fulfill those things that God has for you!


Pastors Steve & Doreen

Meet Our Pastors

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We are located in the heart of Canonsburg

Location: 12 South Central Avenue, Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: 724-745-7438

Email: Southlandministries@comcast.net

Sunday Service:  10am