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Post COVID-19 SCC Service Protocols

In anticipation of the return of the SCC family, we have made preparations for our times together which provide a clean, safe, and healthful environment.  In the information that follows, we have outlined the most general guidelines for our church family from our place of diligent planning.  We must also depend upon each of you to monitor your own health and, if you are sick, we ask that you consider the health of others and kindly avoid attending service(s) until you are recovered.

Hand sanitizer:

For your convenience, there will be a station with hand sanitizer just before you enter the front door of the foyer.

Expressions of Greeting:

In an effort to maintain social distancing, we are asking that your expression of greeting be a verbal greeting or a head nod, but please, refrain from shaking hands or hugging.  Lack of this type of expression does not signal lack of love, but on the contrary, displays honor to the other individual, who may not feel so inclined for a physical expression of greeting, but does not want to offend by saying something or by avoiding your handshake or hug.


There are two areas of seating for the worship service.   One area is in our regular sanctuary.  The other area is our fellowship hall downstairs, in which we have installed a media screen for participation.  Both areas have been set up in accordance with social distancing guidelines.  In order to accommodate those attending, we are requesting that you sit together in family units.  Please leave two (2) empty seats between you and the next family unit sitting in your row on either side of your family group.  In consideration for those who have mobility challenges, we are giving priority to their being seated in the sanctuary in order that they do not have to travel on the steps to the fellowship hall.

Mask Use:

The use of masks is predominately an issue of respect for others.  While you may be of the persuasion that masks are not comfortable, convenient or necessary, we are asking you to be considerate of the comfort of others.  Romans 12:10says:  “Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.”

This will be our protocol for mask use:  We are asking each individual to wear a mask as you enter the building and exit the building and at any time that you may be moving around within the facility.  The sanctuary will be designated as a “mask at all times” area.  Half of the fellowship hall (on the side of the kitchen) will be designated as a “mask optional” area.  The other half ( on the side of the restrooms) will be a “mask at all times” area.  Again, if you must move around, i.e. going to the restroom, we ask that you wear your mask.  Remember, this is out of respect for your other brothers and sisters of your church family.  (Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 2 years of age and under do not wear masks or face coverings.)


There will be 3 restrooms available for your use – in the foyer and a women’s and a men’s in the fellowship hall.  We are limiting the occupancy of each of the bathrooms to one (1) individual at a time.   Please knock before entering to ensure that no one else is in the restroom.


In order to avoid undue movement or communal touching of the collection plate(s), we will receive the tithes and offerings in two ways:

1.         Online giving at https://southcbgchurch.churchcenter.com/giving

2.         There will also be a collection plate in the foyer as you leave for your convenience in which you can deposit your tithe/offering.


For the time being, we will NOT be utilizing a nursery for families.  We ask that you keep them with you throughout the service.

Children’s Church (SCC Kidz):

As is our practice, we will dismiss the children (Kindergarten through 5th grade) after Praise and Worship.  They will be meeting in our Preschool area in the annex where our Nursery is usually held.  Parents are NOT allowed to beyond the annex door.  If need arises, someone will come and get you and your child will be brought to you at the annex door.

Sterilizing the facility:

After every use of the facility for service, we will sterilize the facility using a product called Bactrokill.  We are endeavoring to maintain your safety.

Online Services:  We will continue to make each Sunday’s message available online on our YouTube channel:

SCC Canonsburg (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRbhT6hI6cMsdEAo4Bu0cug).

Because the live message will now be recorded during our live service, the message will not be available until the first part of the week immediately following the Sunday on which it was recorded.

The information contained herein is not exhaustive and we will continue to adjust those things that need to be changed according to functionality and updated directive from the CDC and PA Commonwealth directive.  Once again, we ask you to be sensitive to others and patient as we maneuver through unchartered waters.

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