In a day and time when everyone has grown accustomed to “instant” everything, it is rare for individuals to simply “wait” upon the Lord.  Yet, South Canonsburg Church seeks to be a community of believers that wait upon the directive of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.  When we claim to be a “Full Gospel” church, we are making a declaration that we both believe the entire or full Word of God - the Bible - and that we seek to give full freedom to the Lord’s working in our individual lives and corporate worship through the praise of the Holy Spirit.  We recognize that we do not hold a monopoly on truth as to the format of worship and to the expression of faith, but we do strive to maintain fervency of conviction to Scriptural standards and singleness of focus to the establishment of the Kingdom purposes of God.  In theological persuasion, we are evangelical, holding the Bible to be the inspired word of God and to be our standard for doctrine, for pointing out errors, for correction and for training people for a life that has God’s approval (2 Timothy 3:16).  In worship expression, we are progressive, seeking to allow individuals the freedom of form while maintaining an orderliness characterized by Godliness. In family life, we seek to be a loving, forgiving, nurturing and caring community of faith. In outreach, we are universal, understanding that the world is our parish and responding to our Lord’s mandate to go into all the world, to evangelize and disciple.

       We welcome you to visit the remainder of our website and also to visit us at one of our worship services.  May the Lord richly bless you and direct your path in serving Him!